Monday, November 29, 2010

Album Recommend: Christmas 2010

ONCE Upon a time, there was The Almost. As you likely already know, The Almost is a band starred by Aaron Gillespie, famed drummer of Underoath, a Christian metalcore band hailing from Florida. An offshoot of Underoath, The Almost is a more personalized project of Gillespie's. If you have been a fan of The Almost for any length of time, you don't need me to put into words why their Christmas album from 2008 happens to be my pick of the season for holiday listening. It was almost superseded by Josh Groban's Noel (2007) or (in spirit of the fact that I've been listening to it all year anyway,) Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant by Family Force 5 (2009). But what cut through all the opera and bells and synth beats for me this year was the simple prettiness of The Almost's No Gift To Bring, a compilation drawn up of only five songs. And no, it's not an extended play. It's as simple as it's cover, and in irony to its title, it actually brings the meaning of Christmas home.
      Gillespie is already an icon in his listening audience for his lyric writing and instrumental talents. (As if Underoath wasn't enough already.) Listeners will appreciate the way he keeps it real and raw and involves a sort of story-telling effect in these tracks that make you want to play them once over. Herein does he make up for only offering five tracks, I feel. And what I like to describe as "acoustic/acidic" vocals are the staple of this album, as well as a signature sound with The Almost. It may come across as histrionic at first, but Aaron Gillespie puts his heart where his mouth is in this little gift of an album.
   All in all, I would say this five-track appetizer ends up being a full course experience of strumming for the soul. I don't care if it's not a new release, go get it! Oh and by the way, here's another gift from Aaron.